Agent: Sarah Williams

Since May 2010, @Queen_UK has been the undisputed Queen of media. With an online reach of well over 1.3 million people and two books under her belt, she has written widely for some of the biggest media outlets in the UK and been covered by almost all of the national media brands.

In December 2012, @Queen_UK launched gin.oclock.com as Her official online residence – a site that attracted more than 160,000 visitors in just six weeks. At the same time she launched a clothing and merchandise range, which has sold tens of thousands of pounds of products around the world in its first few weeks.

There’s also the Yahoo animated series Yes Ma'am based on the Twitter account and an app that reached the Apple App Store top five and has sold thousands of copies across the world. Her Majesty is the author of the bestselling Gin O'Clock (2012) and its sequel Still Reigning (2014).

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