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Herbie – coined “The King of Fantasy” by the Italian press – has a well-established career writing for the children’s market, including picture books, teenage fiction, game books and school curriculum non-fiction. His gamebooks have remained popular for over 30 years, whilst his teenage novel, Faerie Wars, rocketed to international success, hitting the New York Times bestseller chart as well as achieving bestseller status in more than 20 overseas editions.

Herbie began a journalistic career at eighteen and at twenty-four became the youngest newspaper editor in his native Ireland. His first published book, Astral Doorways, an exploration of out-of-body experience, became a specialist bestseller and went on to become a classic in its field — it is still in print some thirty-five years on. More recently, Herbie’s reappraisal of ancient history in his book The Whisperers, stirred lively debate on TV and radio as well as in the press. He broadcasts and lectures occasionally throughout the UK and Ireland, and is currently working on a major project concerning spirit influence on human history.

Herbie is married to the Master Medical Herbalist, author and psychotherapist, Jacquie Burgess, and has two daughters from a previous marriage, Aynia and Sian.

His latest book The Mysterious World of Cats was published by Hodder in 2017.

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