Sophie Hicks started her own agency in 2014 after 25 years at Ed Victor Ltd where she worked first in foreign rights before starting her list and becoming Managing Director in 1999.

Her clients include Tristan Gooley (the Natural Navigator), Eoin Colfer (author of the internationally bestselling Artemis Fowl), children's writers Emerald Fennell, Anne Cassidy and Lucy Coats, bestselling fantasy writer Benedict Jacka and the celebrated Australian writer Paddy O'Reilly. See the Authors Page for more details of her list.

Sophie is a member of The Book Society and Women in Publishing. She is looking for new voices in all genres 9+ with the exception of women's fiction. She is interested in writing that feels fresh, surprising, and above all, must sing off the page. Another great addition to her list would be a domestic thriller or clever drama with a twist you really don't see coming, writing that completely engages and great characters you really care about.

Sophie would love to find a new YA writer who is telling a great story in a different, original way and is always on the lookout for clever, accessible non-fiction that looks at everyday life in a new light.

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Sarah Williams hails from Vancouver, Canada and began her publishing career first in publicity and then editorial in the world of Canadian publishing. She joined Ed Victor Ltd in 2010 where she began building her diverse list. Some of her clients include the novelists Sarah Bannan and Amanda Reynolds, food and lifestyle writers Maunika Gowardhan and Signe Johansen, the Times science editor Tom Whipple, Irish writer Ruth Fitzmaurice and YA author Will Kostakis.

Sarah was named a Rising Star by The Bookseller in 2016. She has a PhD in English literature, is a graduate of the publishing program at Columbia University and is on the faculty of the Columbia Publishing Course at Oxford University, Exeter College.

Sarah is looking for bold voices and unforgettable stories across most genres. She has a soft spot for literary fiction that deals with memory and fictionalised histories, flawed human beings, tragic love stories and complicated relationships. She'd love to find a dark crime novel with a stand out main character and is always interested in great food writing, fascinating life stories and original and quirky non-fiction ideas. Sarah doesn't represent books for readers under 14 and is only interested in reality based YA. She doesn't represent any kind of fantasy or science fiction.

Sarah runs the film and television side of the Sophie Hicks Agency and works closely with film and television scouts, agents, production companies and studios to sell the dramatic rights to our clients' written work, as well as indepedent television work.

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Morag O'Brien began her career in rights at Hodder & Stoughton. After five years there she moved into the world of literary agency. She ran the Foreign Rights department at Ed Victor Ltd for over seven years before becoming Foreign Rights Director at the Sophie Hicks Agency.

Morag sells translation rights worldwide for all clients of the agency, handling both new titles and our active backlist. She works directly with publishers in over thirty territories, and with our sub-agents in the specialist markets of Asia and Turkey.

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