TIN by Pádraig Kenny is Waterstones Children's Book of the Month

The debut novel by Pádraig Kenny, TIN, has been named the Waterstones Children's Book of the Month.

Waterstones says: 'Another cracker of a debut as County Kildare writer Pádraig Kenny effortlessly conjures an alternate world of childlike robots, remorseless villains and a young boy desperate to uncover the truth of his own past.

This is England of the 1930s, but not one we would recognise: technology has forked into the production of ‘mechanicals’, loyal, innocent, thinking machines, their development deliberately limited for fear of use in war. Now Christopher – a ‘proper’, a real boy with a real soul – is missing, and it’s down to his band of kind and brave mechanical friends to find him.'

Congratulations, Pádraig!