Bluebird Books wins five way auction for THE KINDNESS METHOD

Carole Tonkinson, Publisher of Bluebird, an imprint of Pan Macmillan, has acquired world rights to a two book deal with Shahroo Izadi following a hotly contested five publisher auction with Sarah Williams of the Sophie Hicks Agency.   

Shahroo Izadi, a Behavioural Change Specialist in private practice, came to wide renown following a series of personal articles written by Marisa Bate in The Pool, whereby Bate completely reformed her drinking habits for the good with Izadi’s help. Izadi helps clients overcome self-destructive patterns, be it overeating or drinking too much, by helping them create solutions that are moderate and sustainable so clients can drink less alcohol or eat less junk without giving up drinking or their favourite foods entirely.  Inundated with enquiries after rave reviews from Bate and Bryony Gordon. Izadi found her waitlist extended for months.  This proved the inspiration for writing her first book The Kindness Method: Changing Habits for Good is a practical guide for changing harmful habits. The second book will build on the brand of The Kindness Method and target weight loss.

Built using methods tried and developed successfully over the years in the treatment of those with drug and alcohol addictions, the book will also draw on Izadi’s personal experiences transforming her own struggle with overeating:  an incredible personal journey which resulted in her losing eight stone. In The Kindness Method, Izadi presents her mapping method for managing a wide range of issues: weight loss, alcohol use, giving up smoking, procrastination, tidiness and social anxiety and many more. What’s unusual about her method is Izadi’s focus on using the strengths and achievements of as the vehicle for change.

Shahroo Izadi says: 'I couldn't be more delighted to be working with Carole and her amazing team. Bluebird truly embodies the spirit of my method and I can't wait to share this approach with as many people as possible.'

Carole Tonkinson says: ‘I wanted to publish Shahroo’s book as soon as I read Marisa Bate’s pieces. Shahroo offers a truly fresh, friendly and incredibly efficient approach. I love her focus on and her judgement free approach. She’s the voice we need now and we see her as a major brand author we hope to develop across many titles in the years to come. She has the whole Bleubird team mapping already!’

Izadi started her career treating those with drug and alcohol addictions as a Criminal Justice Lead in the addiction treatment field. In addition to her current private practice,  Izadi is a also support group facilitator and therapist at Amy’s Place, the recovery house for women set up by The Amy Winehouse Foundation. She is also Senior Consultant for Emerging Horizons, and provides professional development training for the NHS and CGL.

It will be a lead title for Bluebird, publishing May 2018. The Bookseller announcement can be read here.