Blink acquires memoir of teen disability campaigner Lewis Hine

Blink, an imprint of King's Road Publishing, has signed the memoir of 16-year-old disability campaigner and social media phenomenon Lewis Hine. Natalie Jerome, licensing and brand director for King's Road Publishing, acquired worldwide rights from Sophie Hicks and Sarah Williams.

Sixteen year-old Lewis has become a global phenomenon. Diagnosed with a brain tumour when he was just 17 months old, Lewis wasn’t expected to survive. But he managed to prove everyone wrong, and is now not just surviving, but thriving. In one Facebook post on his 16th birthday, Lewis invited everyone to see how he faces the challenges in his life resulting from his ongoing illnesses, and it went viral.  Thirty million views later, with the world cheering him on, Lewis is spearheading a campaign, Friend Finder, to make sure no one ever faces childhood illness alone.

In his memoir, Lewis will reach out to all children who may feel isolated in their lives. After 13 brain surgeries and ongoing health problems, life for Lewis is a daily challenge. But he hopes to share honestly how he finds the strength to get through it, and lead a fun and fulfilling life against all the odds. Only a fraction of his story has been told so far - and from the sheer physical challenges to the almost unbelievable bullying he has endured, his story is an incredible one. His inspirational message will move, lift and astonish children and adults around the world, and he hopes to change everyone's view about the lives disabled and ill people can lead. 

Hine added: 'I am so excited about my book and working with the amazing people at Blink. I cannot wait for everyone to read my story, learn about my difficult journey and see how I got over 31 million people around the world to watch me show that it's okay to be different.'

Jerome said Kings Road 'couldn’t be prouder' to be publishing Lewis. 'His message is such an important one and his bravery and courage has moved us all. We’re looking forward to creating a book with him that he can be proud of and helps children around the world,' she said.

The spring 2018 launch will be supported by a full sales, PR and marketing campaign across traditional and social media. The Bookseller announcement can be read here.