THE GAUNTLET by Eoin Colfer has a stunning first review

The first review is in for THE GAUNTLET by Eoin Colfer and it's a stunner.

Kirkus Reviews says: 'Colfer deftly weaves together all of the crucial elements of an entertaining superhero story: dastardly villains, a feisty sidekick, a duel to the death, and a hero worth cheering for.

This novel is tailor-made for Marvel enthusiasts and is peppered with in-jokes about everything from Dr. Strange’s finger-waving tendency to Captain America’s excessive patriotic fervor. Best of all, the author successfully captures the vulnerability and infuriatingly seductive arrogance of Stark, who polices the world to atone for his father’s sins. Ideal for readers who are breathlessly awaiting the next film in the Marvel superhero franchise. '


THE GAUNTLET is released on October 25th.