Chatto & Windus pre-empt Ruth Fitzmaurice's I FOUND MY TRIBE

Clara Farmer, Publishing Director of Chatto & WIndus has pre-empted I FOUND MY TRIBE in less than 24 hours after receiving the material from Sarah Williams of the Sophie Hicks Agency. Chatto & Windus says they 'are excited to announce the arrival of a stunning new writer to their list' in a major non-fiction acquisition.

Ruth’s tribe are her five children under ten, and her filmmaker husband, Simon who has Motor Neurone Disease and can only communicate with his eyes. Ruth’s other ‘tribe’ are the outdoor swimming club at Ladies Cove, Greystones, Co Wicklow. Swimming is her outlet in the midst of an intense and demanding life.

Ruth Fitzmaurice received an astonishing reaction to a piece she wrote about her family in the Irish Times. I FOUND MY TRIBE is a memoir and an incredible love letter to her husband, family, the natural world and the brightness of life.

Clara Farmer says: ‘Ruth’s voice is unexpected, passionate, poetic, explosive, desperately funny – she is a born writer and reading her is a life-altering experience.’

Chatto & Windus will publish in 2017 and the Bookseller announcement can be read here. The Irish Times coverage of the deal can be found here.