MOTH GIRLS by Anne Cassidy named 'One of the Best YA Books of 2016'

We are thrilled that MOTH GIRLS, the new novel by Anne Cassidy, has been named by The Telegraph as One of the Best Young Adult Books of 2016.

Martin Chilton writes about Anne's new book: "The gnawing problem of guilt is at the heart of Anne Cassidy's thriller about what happens in the aftermath of the mystery disappearance of two teenagers, Petra and Tina, who are dubbed the Moth Girls. They earn that name in the press coverage of the tragedy, because the girls were supposedly drawn like moths to a house in Holloway, London, where something really terrible happens. The dual timelines work well in the novel and allow the author to deftly explain what was going on in Petra's life before the vanishing. Mandy is a strong central character and Cassidy shows again that she is an old hand at writing a taut and evocative YA novel."