Virgin Books acquires HOW TO WIN AND BEAT PEOPLE by Tom Whipple

We are delighted to announce that Virgin Books has acquired HOW TO WIN AND BEAT PEOPLE by the Times science editor Tom Whipple.

In the book preposterously over-qualified experts tell you the real science behind how to win a range of common board games, family activities and pastimes.  A mathematician tells you how to win at CONNECT 4, Andy McNab tips for your next PILLOW FIGHT, a racing driver advises you on how to take corners in SCALEXTRIC, an aeronautical engineer explains how to make the perfect PAPER AIRPLANE, a surgeon tells you how to tackle OPERATION, a game theorist tell you what properties to buy in MONOPOLY to bankrupt and embarrass your competitors and much more…

Virgin Books will publish in September 2015 and the announcement in The Bookseller can be read here.