Spectacular reviews for MONSTERS by Emerald Fennell

The spectacular reviews for MONSTERS by Emerald Fennell keep rolling in. The novel was named by James Dawson in The Guardian as one of the Best Children's Books of 2015.

The Financial Times writes: "Any lingering echoes of the Famous Five rattling around Cornish coves are banished forever by this dark tale...a mash up of Carrie and Bluebeard with a touch of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, is smart, modern and fresh. This savage and ultimately bleak tale is not for the fant of heart."

The Daily Mail says that "Emerald Fennell combines sharp psychological insight with mordant humour to fashion a dark, contemporary fairy tale."

The Spectator declares that MONSTERS "is absolutely great. It’s about two appalling children, a sinister seaside holiday and a spate of murders. It’s gripping and astonishingly, gleefully dark" while The New Statesman says "Emerald Fennel’s MONSTERS is a tremendous, destabilising work of fiction, infusing the mundane with eerie and unsettling darkness. It is written, moreover, in a remarkable tone of voice: Roald Dahl meets Muriel Spark. Astonishing."