Agent: Sophie Hicks

Enid was born and grew up in north London, but has lived mostly in South Wales. She won a scholarship to study at the Dublin College of Art, and afterwards taught in the Rudolf Steiner school. Enid then moved back to London, and soon sold her first short story to a women’s magazine. She also set up a business making such things as screen-printed puppet theatres, and playhouses in the form of medieval battle tents.

Enid and her family later moved to Paris, where she met the Romanian girl who inspired a character in her novel For Maritsa with Love. Ten years before that novel was published, Enid wrote her first children’s book, The Time Tree. Enid has continued to write children’s and adult fiction, and To Summon a Spirit was one of the Pick of the Year titles listed in the Children’s Book Award. Her books have been published all over the world and translated into Danish, German and Japanese.

Enid is an enthusiastic member of the Scattered Authors’ Society, and also enjoys going into schools to give workshops and encourage children’s reading and writing. Her next children’s book, Arabella’s Web, is due out in 2016.

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